by Virág NÉMETH & András BORGULA (based on a book by Czingel Szilvia)


HEIDI: Add as much flour as it will need. Right, but how much is that exactly?
EVA: I just told you. As much it needs.
HEIDI: But how much is that for a pound of potatoes? Ten ounces? Two pounds?
EVA: I can’t give you an exact measurement, just write ‘as much as it needs’. Judge it by eye... that is... if you ever cook again...
(lager of Lichtenworth, December 1944)

In 2013 the Centropa published a special kind of cookbook. It was written in the lager of Lichtenworth by 5 girlfriends, one of them was Hedi Weisz. Why were these recipes never cooked? Why did those friends never meet after the war? How could you survive the XX century? Can you kill with love? What is the hardest to lived with: a yiddishe mamma in early marriage, a concentration camp, communism or the new republic of Hungary. The answer comes in 16 short scenes and 4 courses. For every period of her life we serve you a it or not!

This is the story of Hedi Weisz a young Hungarian Jewish girl, born in 1920 in Budapest and lived until the age of 86.



Hay Anna
Nagy Mari
Radnay Csilla

Dramaturge: Virág NÉMETH
Original translation: Verite Williams
Set design: András BORGULA
Costume: Dóra GYARMATI
Assistant: Dóra KERN

Producer: Barbara MARCSA
Director: András BORGULA

Opened 2014, length: 75’

The food served during the performance is not kosher but has no pork in it.