Final Cut


 “Shut the fuck up, I am trying to connect the cultures here, I’m fucking trying to build some bridges, but you fucked it up...I am sorry ladies and gentlemen...maybe next time!”


Antal - Gergely Bánki
László/Roland - Zoltán Schmied
Simon/Rosenzweigbergerstein - Zoltán Tamási
Sára/Horowitz Sámsonné - Mari Nagy 
Kökény Gyöngyvér – Eszter Kiss

Can we believe to the news on the net? Is that true that Jews will take over the world? Is it rude to eat with fork in a Chinese restaurant? Is it inappropriate to change the Turkish TV channel in a Turkish restaurant? How all this connects? In 90 minutes of FINAL CUT we will solve and answer, believe and refute all your questions, knowledge, presumptions and observation about the Jews. Or not!

Andras Vinnai, the writer: “ The main character in the play is the paranoia. Using the paranoia as a tool we laughing on stupid anti-Semites and on stupid Jews too.”

Andras Borgula, the director: “ We wanted to be so serious, we wanted to be so thoughtful, but the audience laughed us in to win the best comedy of 2013 title. So let is be!”

Playwright: András VINNAI
Dramaturge: Virág NÉMETH
Video: Simon SZABÓ
Technical manager: Gábor Zoltán FÁBIÁN
Producer: Edina SCHŐN
Assistant: Zsófia HOLLÓS
Director: András BORGULA

Best comedy 2013 - Hungarian Humor Festival
Best supporting actress 2012 - Vidor Festival
Best supporting actor 2012 - Vidor Festival.

„I have never laughed in theater so much...” Kovács Bálint (theater critic)

"the only professional Jewish theatre in Hungary...brave...outspoken...reckless"  
Viktória Kulcsár (head of the association of the hungarian independent theaters)

„I laughed very much. Let me add: heartly.” Szántó Judit, (the theatre web-site)

Opened 2011
Length: 90’

Location: Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház