In the spring of 2005, I walked in to the Civic Department of the Budapest City Court with a completed form in my hand, and submitted the request for the foundation of the Golem Theater.

- What will this be? - asked the administrator without looking on me.

- This one? This will be the Hungarian Jewish Theater! - I tried to emphasize the capital letters verbally.

- What? - He lowered his voice, even though he did not say the word „jew”. – Are you serious?

I was really serious. And no matter how much i like comedy, and how important the humour is to me, I still seriously think that theater is needed; and the Golem Theater is needed!

I hope that in the last decade we have surpassed the idea, that in jewish theater „Jews talk Jewish to Jews about jewish things”. Who at least once was in Gole Theater or heard of us, knows that this is not true! They (You) whose are our audience, know that here in Golem we also talk about the same things as other theaters (love, vengeance, betrayal, friendship, family, life and death). We have the same goal as many other artists (to make the world a better place, to make people think, accept, and curious.) Then the question arises again: why should I go right to Golem Theater? We do not have a specific answer to that... we have more answers (This is an ancient Jewish habit.). What do we believe in, that we can see these stories differently through a special glasses of Jewish religion, tradition, history, destiny, tribe, culture (or whatever „Jewish” really means). And so we can tell these stories differently. We tell them right as Golem Theater can, dare and does! This has been the case so far, and so will be, no matter what kind of changes will come in politics, public life, finances or whatsoever!

I can certainly promise this one for the next season too!

András Borgula

Artistic director