Pizza Kamikaze

by András VINNAI


Haim kills himself and then two days later finds a job in Pizza Kamikaze. Just temporary... One day he receives some news and his life (death) will change forever!


Gergely BÁNKI
Anna HAY


What happens after you kill yourself? Will it solve your problems? Will it end your suffering? Well we have bed news and good news!

According to the new Golem production cutting your wrists or blowing your head off is not the end of the road. In our play those who commit suicide will live (or die) until the end of time in a world where everything is just like before...ooooor a little bit worst. Your friends are a little bit more annoying, your apartment is a little bit shabbier, your job is a little bit more boring and so on. That is the bad news.

The good news is that Andras Vinnai’s comedy based on Etgar Keret short story Pizza Kamikaze is one of the funniest production of 2014. Not only because of the special visual effects but also because of original soundtrack and the unique talking dog.

The play is unique adaptation of the master short story writer Etgar Keret longer tale, Kneller’s Happy Campers.

The book was translated into dozens of languages and received very good reviews:

"There is a subtle mix of innocence and awareness, of caustic irony and tender humor that emerges from this text, as well as from its brilliant author" Le Monde

"I think he is a brilliant writer, entirely different from any other I know. He is the voice of the next generation" - Salman Rushdie

pizza kep

Playwright: András VINNAI
Dramaturge: Virág NÉMETH
Set design: András BORGULA
Mask and costume: Sosa JURISTOVSZKY
Animation: Szabolcs Zs. TÓTH
Soundtrack: Bence GAZDA
Technical manager: Gábor Zoltán FÁBIÁN
Producer: Barbara MARCSA
Assistant: Dóra KERN
Director: András BORGULA



text based performance in Hungarian with English subtitles
opened 2014
length: 95’
stage: medium
travelling crew: 10-12