Mothertongue Mamelosn

By: Marianna Salzmann


"Why a Jew would never take a pain killer?
Because then the pay would go away."


Viktória KEREKES

Playwright: Marianna SALZMANN
Translator: Mari VARSÁNYI
Dramaturge: Virág NÉMETH
Design: Zita GALÁNTAI
Soundtrack: Bence GAZDA
Technical manager: Gábor Zoltán FÁBIÁN
Assistant: Dóra KERN

Producer: Barbara MARCSA
Director: András BORGULA

If your mother, grandmother, daughter or granddaughter drives you crazy, if you like to laugh and cry in the same time, if you enjoy old Jewish jokes you must see this play! The connection between Marinna Salzmann the young but already Kleist prizewinner German writer and the Golem brought a beautiful play alive about Jews in Germany. Three generation of Jewish women, living together in Berlin, Germany. Lin the old communist diva, her daughter Clara the (Jewish)self hating clerk and her daughter the young and lesbian Rachel.

No man is involved or important.

How they will solve their issues of anti-Semitism, art, love, and relationships in modern Germany? Who will leave and who will stay? What is the responsibility of the survivals? You will find our answers in this heart breaking comedy.

(If one of the characters reminds you to a family member it may not be a coincidence.)

Opened 2013, length: 80’.

The play was translated through the Goethe Intitute „Theaterbibliothek" program.  .

Location: Hatszin Teátrum, 1066 Budapest, Jókai u. 6


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